Rebel Movement in Western Sudan Reportedly Captured Intelligence Officer, 05/04/03

News Article by NDA Radio posted on May 05, 2003 at 10:46:32: EST (-5 GMT)

Rebel movement in western Sudan reportedly captured intelligence officer

Sudanese opposition NDA Radio
May 4, 2003

In a telephone conversation by Radio Voice of Sudan, the secretary-general of Sudan Liberation Movement [SLM] in Darfur said his Movement's forces yesterday, Saturday arrested Col Mubarak Muhammad al-Saraj.

Col Mubarak, who is a public security intelligence officer and a graduate from Cairo University - Khartoum Branch, was captured following an ambush by SLM forces in the Aynshiro area, north of Jabal Marrah [western Sudan].

Mini Arkoi Minawi said the captured officer as well as Maj-Gen Ibrahim al-Bushra were with them. He said they are in good health and are receiving humane treatment. He said they are enjoying all means of comfort together with others.

Meanwhile, SLM has also captured a Land Rover in good condition and a number of military equipment from the fleeing forces who fled randomly in Darfur desert

Minawi said the attack of Aynshiru by the forces of the regime was an indication that the government was trying to settle the conflict militarily, but we will teach it [the government] a lesson.

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