Darfur Rebels, Government Agree on Cessation of Hostilities, 03/19/03

Darfur rebels, government agree on cessation of hostilities

March 19, 2003

Al-Khartoum [newspaper] has learnt that the armed group [Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, SLM/A - not to be confused with the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army, SPLM/A] in Jabal Marrah [western Darfur, western Sudan], has put forward its demands to the Fur [tribe in Jabal Marrah] committee [which has been involved in talks with the SLM/A for a week].

The claims include five main points, the most important of which are a general amnesty for the armed group and a [government] pledge to implement intensive development projects in Darfur state.

The security committee continued its meetings yesterday in Al- Fasher [capital of Northern Darfur State] and listened to the report of the Arab team which carried out talks with the SLM/A in Jabal Gurgei [northern Darfur], Al-Ju and Jabal Marrah...

The minister of cultural and social affairs in northern Darfur and member of the Fur committee, Khalil Adam Al-Karim, told Al- Khartoum that the team had listened to the rebels' demands.

He further added that an agreement had already been reached with the SLM/A to stop all aggression and military actions between the two parties, on the condition that neither the government or the rebels would attempt any military action.

The agreement was also aimed at restoring security in the region and allow the security committee to consider the SLM/A's demands...

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