Dialogue with Darfur Rebels Achieved "some positive results" , 03/18/03

Dialogue with Darfur rebels achieved "some positive results" – minister

March 18, 2003

KHARTOUM --The security committee in Darfur State [western Sudan] yesterday held a meeting attended by all of its members.

The aim of the meeting was to assess the security situation in the region.

The team reviewed the report of the Zaghawa [a semi-nomadic tribe in Northern Darfur] committee.

The report included steps taken by the committee and information on the release of Al-Shartay Adam Sabi [one of the local tribal leaders who was in rebel custody], those who were captured with him and the group which captured them.

The Fur [a settled tribe in Jabal Marrah] delegation was not present in the meeting due to its participation in talks with the armed group [Sudan Liberation Movement/Army SLM/A] in Jabal Marrah [western Darfur].

While carrying out talks in Nirtiti [untraced], the minister of cultural and social affairs in Northern Darfur State and member of the committee, Khalil Adam Abd al-Karim, told Al-Khartoum newspaper that the team arrived late in Al-Fasher [capital of northern Darfur State] due to its negotiations with the SLM/A.

The minister confirmed that the dialogue with the rebels had already achieved some positive results and he expected the committee to conclude negotiations today...

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