Deadly Attacks Against Massaleit Civilians, 05/07/2003

On Wednesday, 7 May 2003, the Sudanese government and its allied Arab Militias attacked the Massaleit villages of Daltang and Goker, in Western Sudan, killing five people and looting the personal property of villagers. The attack follows the massacre of over 60 Massaleit civilians in the village of Molly two weeks earlier (Wednesday, 23 April 2003).

The recent attack, like the previous one, occurred in broad daylight and with the full knowledge of government authorities. The local authorities in Geneina town sent only Massaleit policemen to the site of the attack. However, Arab militias ambushed them, leaving 20 policemen dead, including the commander Abdalla Ishag Adam Adileem. It appears that the government conspired with the Arab militias to eliminate these Massaleit policemen. The government and Arab militias often target intellectuals and leaders of Massaleit, Fur, Zaghawa and other African ethnic groups in Darfur.

The names of the Massaleit civilians who died in the last attack are:

  1. Adam Ibrahim, a farmer.
  2. Abdulkarim Adam, a farmer.
  3. Abbaker Adam, a disabled man.
  4. Soliman Ibeid, a farmer.
  5. Alhadi

Meanwhile we have received more information about the attack on the village of Molly on Wednesday, 23 April 2003. The names of the dead on the spot are:

  1. Ismail Adam Abbaker.
  2. Gumaa Mohamed Adam.
  3. Ibrahim Mohamed Haroun.
  4. Adam Mohamed Adam.
  5. Another Gumma Mohamed Adam.
  6. Arbab Ibrahim.
  7. Alhaj Adam Abboh.
  8. Abdalla Mohamed Gibreel.
  9. Ibrahim Omer Mohamed.
  10. Adam Omer Mohamed.
  11. Mohamed Addoma Omer.
  12. Yagoub Musa Adam.
  13. Adam Omer Adam.
  14. Mohamed Haroun.
  15. Kamal Haroun.
  16. Tajedin Yousif.
  17. Abbaker Abdunnaby.
  18. Mohamed Haroun Abdalla.
  19. Adam Ibrahim Gassy.
  20. Alsheikh Yahya Ishag.
  21. Ishag Adam Bakhit.
  22. Abdul-Aziz Abdalla Ali.
  23. Abdalla Makki Siddik.
  24. Kaltoum Alnur Abdalla.
  25. Haroun Hamid Mohamed.
  26. Ibrahim Haroun Aabdin.
  27. Mukhtar Mohamed Adam.
  28. Abdalla Mohamed Adam.
  29. Ali Abdalla Osman.
  30. Abubaker Mohamed Adam.
  31. Mohamed Ali Abdalla.
  32. Ibrahim Ali Ishag.
  33. Ibrahim Musa Yousif.
  34. Gamar-Eldin Abaker.
  35. Gamar-Eldin Siam Ali.
  36. Mohamed Hamid Yousif.
  37. Yahya Adam Saaid.
  38. Yahya Haroun Siam.
  39. Ishag Mohamed Ismail.
  40. Ishag Ismail Ali.
  41. Idris Yousif Jebril.
  42. Ahmed Abdalla Mohamed.
  43. Haroun Ishag Ismail.
  44. Ibrahim Haroun Yousif.
  45. Khatir Adam Osher.
  46. Adam Abdul-Majeed Mohamed.
  47. Khalil Omer Mohamed.
  48. Abbaker Gumaa Mohajir.
  49. Ahmed Abdalla Mohamed.
  50. Mohamed Abdalla Mohamed.
  51. Ahmed Ali.
  52. Mohamed Abdurhaman Soliman.
  53. Barra.
  54. Abbaker.

In addition, 10 persons died later in Geneina hospital. The 46 injured persons in Geneina hospital face a lack of medicines and attention from hospital authorities. Moreover, the Sudanese security is refusing visits from family members so that information about their treatment does not leak out. We urge organizations and individuals who care about human rights to intervene with the Sudanese government on behalf of the civilians of western Sudan.

Mr. Mohamed Adam Yahya,

Chairman and Spokesman,

The Representatives of the Massaleit Community in Exile (RMCE)


Telephone: (434) 4099638


May 11, 2003

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