Darfur Diaspora Association Appeal:

Burning Villages, Torture, Rape and Displacement in Jabal Marra (05/21/2003)

Appeal to the International Community: Burning Villages, Torture, Rape and Displacement in Jabal Marra (Darfur-Western Sudan)

    The situation of human rights in Darfur is deteriorating; Darfur Diaspora Association (DDA) has learnt that the Sudanese government forces and its militias still practicing sever and human rights abuse in many areas in Darfur. According to our sources, the Sudanese force and its militias are torture civilians, rape women, burn villages, schools, crops; loot and kill the life stocks of people Jabal Marra and other areas in Dsarfur-Western Sudan.
     Along with the on going human rights abuse in Darfur, on May 10th 2003, the Sudanese and its militias attacked and burned the villages of  Tado, Kornei, and Kadoul South-East of Nertitay town, and about 80-95 kilometers North-West of Nyala Province. Two days later, in May 12th 2003, the Sudanese force use planes to bomb the village of Kutooroume East of Nertitay as well.
    Thousands of civilians of these villages and other villages around them were evacuated their homes and separated in a different harsh places around Jabal Marra that lack for the basic human needs. With respect to the beginning of the rain season, these civilians now are homeless and in grave need for food, shelter, medicine, clothing and other humanitarian assistance.
    Darfur Diaspora Association (DDA) appeals to human rights and aid organizations to immediately intervene and rescue civilians in this villages, and urges the human rights organizations and those who concern to form a neutral commission to investigate and stop the Sudanese forces and its militias campaign against innocent civilians in Darfur in general and precisely the villages of Tado, Kornei, Kutooroume and other targeted villages in Jabal Marra.

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